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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Center In DC

Are you looking for treatment for trauma in Washington, DC to help you continue with life?

Are you looking for a ptsd psychiatrist or ptsd psychologist in DC to help you with trauma therapy and a treatment program that will help you cope?

Our trauma treatment and counseling programs at Vive Treatment Centers are open for enrollment for those in Washington, DC needing help with any traumas stemming from:

  • Serious accidents
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Childhood abuse or domestic abuse
  • Traumatic work events
  • Serious health problems
  • The death of a loved one
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Don’t Let Drugs And Alcohol Take Any More Of Your Life 

Complex PTSD Therapy

Center For Traumatic Stress Washington, DC

Complex PTSD Therapist & Treatment

Explore compassionate therapy and regain control of your life—Vive Treatment Centers now welcoming individuals seeking nurturing, professional care for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our tailored PTSD treatment programs in Washington, D.C., allow clients to:

Complex PTSD Therapist DC

PTSD Psychologist and Trauma Treatment in Washington, DC

Explore compassionate therapy and regain control of your life—Vive Treatment Centers now welcoming individuals seeking nurturing, professional care for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our tailored PTSD treatment programs in Washington, D.C., allow clients to:

Complex PTSD Therapist
Trauma Counseling DC

Center For Traumatic Stress in Washington, DC

Counseling For Trauma in DC Was Difficult To Find Until Now

Our team of licensed psychologists and psychiatrists provides expert care for those grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder, offering space for healing and personal growth.

In addition to private PTSD counseling, you’ll have access to compassionate care for various mental health challenges, including:

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You are not alone in your fight against post traumatic stress. Don’t allow the shadows of past traumas to claim any more of your life. Call us today!

Vive Treatment Centers Will Take You From Hurting To Healing In Four Simple Steps!

Phone Consultation

When you call our confidential helpline for PTSD treatment DC, you will speak with a member of our caring and compassionate staff about your individual needs and discuss treatment options that would work for you.

Insurance Verification

We will verify if your insurance plan covers outpatient services for substance abuse and addiction treatment at our facility or we will help refer you to one of our close partner outpatient treatment facilities in Washington DC.

Program Intake

You meet with one of our licensed professionals to create a tailored treatment plan specifically for your needs that will help you heal and get back to life while beginning to build relationships with our caring and compassionate staff.

Relapse Management

We work together on your successful outpatient program, helping you heal before receiving your recovery program certificate. With continued alumni programs and support groups you are always part of our family!

Vive Treatment Centers – Leading Trauma Therapy Program in Washington, DC

Is your heart set on finding empathetic, quality trauma therapy in Washington, D.C.? Vive Treatment Centers awaits with open arms! We’re experts in outpatient trauma treatment and managing the complexities of mental health disorders related to traumatic stress.

Life-Changing Trauma Treatment Without Disrupting Your Routine

Many avoid seeking help for trauma and chronic PTSD because of their commitments to family, work, or education.
With our accommodating morning, afternoon, and evening outpatient sessions, we ensure you receive the critical support you deserve

What Sets PTSD and Trauma Counseling Apart?

PTSD and Trauma counseling encompasses the compassionate care you expect from excellent psychotherapy, combined with trauma-informed strategies designed for recovery resiliency.
In our trauma treatment and counseling programs, you’ll find:

  • One-on-one counseling with trauma-focused therapists
  • Group therapy for shared experiences and collective healing
  • Behavioral therapeutic interventions
  • Intensive trauma-focused family therapy
  • Educational sessions for early intervention and ongoing mental health care

At Vive Treatment Centers, it’s our mission to provide the highest level of empathetic psychotherapy for trauma, backed by staff deeply committed to supporting your spiritual and emotional restoration.

You’ll always be more than a number with us, we treat each individual like family, not just another statistic in the revolving door of therapy centers.

Should our consultation reveal that an alternative specialized program fits you better, rest assured—we’re dedicated to guiding you to the right path for your renewed well-being.

What are the costs of a trauma treatment in DC?

At Vive Treatment, we are dedicated to helping our community members with substance use disorders, drug addiction, mental health issues, and PTSD receive the treatment they need!

That’s why we accept all forms of major insurance and work with our clients whose insurance policies may not cover treatment through outpatient services.

A residential treatment center and their inpatient program could cost more than $30,000/month. We pride ourselves in delivering direct services to our clients at a small fraction of the cost while providing the highest quality care for addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation About Trauma Treatment Services In Our Psychiatric Outpatient Setting

If you’re faced with the aftermath of traumatic events and are seeking effective therapy in the DC area, our trauma treatment center is here to support you. Reach out to us to learn whether our therapeutic approaches align with your path to recovery.

Vive Treatment Centers provides a spectrum of therapy services aimed at conquering the challenges posed by PTSD and trauma:

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Medication Management
  • Trauma Focused
  • Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Case Management Services
  • Individualized Counseling
  • Group Therapy Sessions
  • Treatment Tailored for Complex PTSD
  • One-on-One Trauma
  • Supportive Group Settings
  • Trauma-Informed Coping Strategies
  • And additional specialized therapy options
    Psychologist Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions About Trauma and PTSD Treatment

Is trauma-focused therapy beneficial to someone who is skeptical about its results?

Even if you are uncertain about the impact of trauma-focused therapy, Vive Treatment Centers offers an array of services. You are welcome to explore different therapy options, participating as you see fit, to discover how we may facilitate your healing process. Keeping an open mind toward various counseling methods can be critical to your recovery’s success.

Our professionals provide treatment guidance based on comprehensive diagnostic assessments molded from established criteria. Understanding the full scope of each individual’s unique experiences is paramount. We rely on evidence-based frameworks to develop personalized treatment strategies for clients confronting complex trauma or PTSD.

We work from the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to properly create treatment plans for our clients.

After-care and relapse prevention are key elements of our programs. You will build an arsenal of coping mechanisms specific to your triggers and co-occurring concerns through both individual and group sessions.

The support network you cultivate during treatment can sustain your growth even after therapy concludes.

What distinguishes typical PTSD treatment from trauma-informed therapy?

Traditional and trauma-informed therapy techniques may share methodologies, like CBT and DBT, yet trauma-informed care specifically adapts these approaches through the lens of understanding trauma’s pervasive effects.

Our programs allow you to engage with therapy that respects and integrates your experiences with trauma.

Intensive outpatient therapy typically entails multiple, lengthy therapy sessions per week, which may include individual, family, and group therapies. These are designed to offer robust support as you work through complex issues related to trauma.

A standard outpatient program might involve weekly sessions, providing ongoing support as you continue your recovery. Regardless of the program you graduate from, you remain part of our supportive community, destined for lifelong healing and growth.

To explore how Vive Treatment Centers can aid in your battle against trauma and PTSD, or to simply inquire about PTSD treatment and counseling services offered in Washington, DC, please contact us. You’re not alone in this fight; we’re here to stand with you, to guide you, to support you, every step of the way.

The Mental Health Services Administration shares the incredible need for PTSD treatment for those suffering from this real disorder. On their website they state, “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a real disorder that develops when a person has experienced or witnessed a scary, shocking, terrifying, or dangerous event. These stressful or traumatic events usually involve a situation where someone’s life has been threatened or severe injury has occurred.”

Signs and symptoms of PTSD could include:

  • Flashbacks, or feeling like the event is happening
  • Trouble sleeping and nightmares
  • Feeling alone or detached from others
  • Losing interest in activities
  • Angry outbursts
  • Feeling worried, guilty or sad
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Headaches and other physical pain
  • And more

Our center’s prime location ensures that we are within reach for numerous individuals seeking counselors for trauma services. Although based in the heart of Washington DC, we are accessible for in-person treatment within the wider region, including areas such as:

  • Georgetown
  • Capitol Hill
  • Dupont Circle
  • Adams Morgan
  • Columbia Heights

Through the advancements in teletherapy, we can also extend our virtual ptsd psychologist and therapy services for trauma across the entire state. This ensures that despite your location, access to quality trauma treatment is always within reach.

Reach Out To Vive Treatment Centers In Washington, DC Today

You are not alone in your fight against post traumatic stress. Don’t allow the shadows of past traumas to claim any more of your life. Call us today!

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Vive Treatment Centers

If you need partial hospitalization programs in DC for mental health and substance abuse, we will help you make the next chapter of your life the best chapter of your life… So far!

Vive Treatment Centers is founded on a promise to treat each individual as part of our extended family. Our staff consists of dually licensed mental health experts specializing in trauma and post traumatic stress disorder treatment.

Clients at our trauma treatment center benefit from intensive counseling and a spectrum of care options tailored to their specific journeys. Whether transitioning out of residential treatment, referred by a physician, or approaching therapy for the first time, our goal is to provide unmatched support every step of the way.

If you're in search of a therapist in DC who specializes in complex PTSD therapy and trauma counseling, we are prepared to help you transition into your life's next, and best, chapter.