Medication Assisted Treatment in Washington, DC

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) DC

Are you searching for effective medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for addiction in Washington, DC? Are you in need of a skilled provider to support you with an MAT program tailored to aid in your recovery?

At Vive Treatment Centers, we’ve launched our MAT programs designed for individuals in DC, aiming to provide the support necessary for successful recovery from substance dependence. Our treatment programs are structured to integrate medication with counseling and behavioral therapies, addressing:

  • Opioid Dependency
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • And Other Substance Use Disorders
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Don’t Let Drugs And Alcohol Take Any More Of Your Life From You

Suboxone Management Washington, DC

Suboxone Treatment Center In DC

We understand that overcoming addiction is not just a physical challenge but a comprehensive process that requires both medical and psychological support.

Our tailored medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder with counseling and suboxone allows you to:

Psychiatric Medication Management For Mental Health DC

Medication Management For Psychiatric Conditions In DC

Recognizing the complex interplay between mental health and substance use disorders, we are committed to providing specialized care for individuals in Washington, DC grappling with psychiatric conditions alongside their recovery efforts.

Our medication management program is meticulously designed to balance the psychiatric needs of our clients, ensuring they receive the optimal combination of medications to manage conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and PTSD.

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Vivitrol Shots DC 1

Vivitrol in Washington, DC

Alcohol Dependence Medication management In Washington, DC

Vive Treatment Centers is also at the forefront of deploying innovative medication-assisted treatments for alcohol dependence, such as Vivitrol.

We integrate this medication management with intensive counseling and social support systems to tackle alcohol dependence from multiple angles.

This ensures not only the effectiveness of the medication but also addresses the psychological and social aspects of addiction, paving the way for a more sustainable and meaningful recovery.

Our team of healthcare professionals closely monitors the progress of each individual, offering personalized care that aligns with their unique recovery goals and needs.

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You are not alone in your fight against addiction. Don’t allow the alcohol and drugs to take ay more of your life. Call us today!

Vive Treatment Centers Will Take You From Hurting To Healing In Four Simple Steps!

Phone Consultation

When you call our confidential helpline for MAT treatment dc, you will speak with a member of our caring and compassionate staff about your individual needs and discuss treatment options that would work for you.

Insurance Verification

We will verify if your insurance plan covers outpatient services for substance abuse and addiction treatment at our facility or we will help refer you to one of our close partner outpatient treatment facilities in Washington, DC.

Program Intake

You meet with one of our licensed professionals to create a treatment plan specifically for your needs that will help you heal and get back to life while beginning to build relationships with our caring and compassionate staff.

Relapse Management

We work together on your successful outpatient program, helping you heal before receiving your recovery program certificate. With continued alumni programs and support groups you are always part of our family!

Vive Treatment Centers – Premier Medication Assisted Treatment in Washington, DC

Seeking compassionate, high-quality Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for addiction in Washington, D.C.? Look no further. Vive Treatment Centers is a beacon of hope, offering advanced outpatient services to those navigating the path to recovery from substance use disorders.

Transformative MAT Program Tailored to Your Life

The commitment to family, work, and education often hinders individuals from pursuing the treatment they need. That’s where Vive steps in—our flexible MAT program offers morning, afternoon, and evening sessions, accommodating your schedule while providing vital support.

The Distinction of MAT Treatment At Vive

Medication Assisted Treatment at Vive merges top-tier psychotherapeutic care with evidence-based medical interventions critical for overcoming addiction. Patients benefit from:

  • Personalized consultations with addiction specialists
  • Group therapy sessions that foster community support and shared healing journeys
  • Strategically implemented therapeutic interventions
  • Supportive, family-inclusive therapy options
  • Educational workshops for understanding addiction and laying groundwork for continued well-being

Vive is committed to delivering empathetic, high-caliber therapeutic services for addiction treatment. Our staff is deeply invested in your holistic recovery, offering guidance every step of the way.

Each patient is unique, and at Vive, you’re treated with the personal care and attention of family rather than being lost in a sea of faceless numbers.

In instances where a more specialized program is necessary, we pledge to place you on the best track for your health and happiness.

Understanding The Costs of MAT Treatment in DC

Our goal at Vive Treatment is to ensure that those grappling with addiction, as well as co-occurring mental health considerations, have access to necessary treatment.

We honor all major insurance providers and assist clients in navigating outpatient service options should their insurance lack full coverage.

In comparison to expensive residential treatment alternatives that may exceed $30,000 per month, Vive is proud to offer premier MAT services that are highly affordable without sacrificing exceptional care quality.

Connect With Us For A No-Cost MAT Consultation

If you’re confronting addiction and in search of effective, medically-supported therapy in the DC region, Vive Treatment Centers is ready to walk alongside you. Contact us to understand how our approach to MAT can be instrumental in your recovery process.

At Vive Treatment Centers, we offer a broad range of services designed to address the complexities of addiction, ensuring you have the comprehensive support necessary to triumph over the struggles associated with substance dependency.

Some of Our Comprehensive Service and Therapeutic Options Include:

Intensive Outpatient Programs 

Psychiatric Services

Medication Management

Trauma Focused Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Case Management Services

Individualized Counseling

Group Therapy Sessions

Treatment Tailored for Complex PTSD

One-on-One Trauma Therapy

Supportive Group Settings

Trauma-Informed Coping Strategies

Specialized therapy options

Frequently Asked Questions About Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

What exactly is medication assisted treatment (MAT)?

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a comprehensive approach to address substance use disorders and addiction. It combines the use of FDA-approved medications with counseling and behavioral therapies. This method is designed to treat the whole person and has been proven to enhance recovery outcomes.

Our professionals provide treatment guidance based on comprehensive diagnostic assessments molded from established criteria. Understanding the full scope of each individual’s unique experiences is paramount. We rely on evidence-based frameworks to develop personalized treatment strategies for clients confronting complex trauma or PTSD.

We work from the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to properly create treatment plans for our clients.

No, MAT is designed to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings in a medically supervised manner, which helps patients achieve and maintain recovery. The use of medication is carefully monitored and is part of a comprehensive treatment program that includes counseling and support for lifestyle change.

How long does a patient stay on medication through MAT?

The duration of treatment with MAT can vary based on the individual’s unique needs and circumstances. Some patients may require medication support for a few months, while others may continue for several years. Treatment duration is determined collaboratively by the patient and their healthcare provider.

Counseling and behavioral therapies are integral components of MAT. While medications can help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings, counseling addresses the underlying issues related to substance use and promotes strategies for a healthy lifestyle. Combining both offers the best chance for successful recovery.

However, we understand the schedules many people have and that they sometimes would like to manage emotional and psychological recovery themselves. We do offer medication management without the added benefit of counseling and therapies.

Determining if MAT is the best approach for your recovery involves a comprehensive evaluation by a medical and addiction professional. This evaluation takes into account your specific situation, including your substance use history, health considerations, and personal recovery goals.

For more information or to discuss whether MAT may be a suitable option for you, please contact Vive Treatment Centers to arrange a consultation.

Our center’s prime location ensures that we are within reach for numerous individuals seeking counselors and MAT in Washington, DC. Although based in the heart of Washington, DC, we are accessible for in-person treatment within the wider region, including areas such as:

  • Georgetown
  • Capitol Hill
  • Dupont Circle
  • Adams Morgan
  • Columbia Heights

Through the advancements in teletherapy, we can also extend our virtual psychiatric and therapy services across the entire state, Maryland, and Virginia. This ensures that despite your location, access to quality addiction treatment is always within reach.

Reach Out To Vive Treatment Centers In Washington, DC Today

You are not alone in your fight against addiction. Don’t allow drugs and alcohol to take any more of your life. Call us today!

Why Choose

Vive Treatment Centers dc

If you need medication assisted treatment (MAT) for mental health and substance abuse, we will help you revive your mental health at Vive!

Vive Treatment Centers is founded on a promise to treat each individual as part of our extended family. Our staff consists of dually licensed mental health experts and psychiatrists specializing in addiction treatment and dual diagnosis mental health disorders.

Clients at our MAT treatment center benefit from intensive counseling and a spectrum of care options tailored to their specific journeys. Whether transitioning out of residential treatment, referred by a physician, or approaching therapy for the first time, our goal is to provide unmatched support every step of the way.

If you're in search of a therapist in DC who specializes in medication management and therapy, we are prepared to help you transition into your life's next, and best, chapter.